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The Seventh Lake CD

The Seventh Lake (2004)

I was at the cabin up on Seventh Lake. I had written some songs I was excited about. I was happy with the poetry and stories and the music which conveyed them. I started bugging my old friend and manager, Bill Eib, about the music, about recording companies, about being anxious to get out and play again. I wanted to get these songs to the people. Bill really believed in the stuff I sent him, and together we agreed I would have to start from scratch again - from the middle of nowhere - which is exactly where I was.

Bill eventually hooked me up with the legendary T-Bone Wolk (Saturday Night Live, Hall and Oates, Bob Dylan, etc.) to produce. I had heard T-Bone's work on my favorite Greg Brown record and was anxious to work with him. T-Bone loved my songs and we got to work at the studio in Brattleboro, Vermont, where he lives.

The session was a dream come true. T-Bone was all I thought he'd be in the studio - sensitive to each song, and giving each one a separate life of its own. I became many characters behind the mike and sang and played the songs as honestly as I could, digging as deep as possible to tell my stories and make them come alive.

The band, put together by T-Bone before I even got there, was nothing short of astonishing. Gary Burke (Joe Jackson band) played drums (my favorite: the rebel roll of "Hell's Gate Georgia"); Jimmy Gordan (J J. Cale) was so soulful on the mouth harp - I couldn't image these songs now without him being there. His was the sweetest icing on the cake. Derrick Jordan just went out and played and it was perfect the first time. Listen to the violin on "Whole Lot of Water." T-Bone did all the rest. I am endlessly awed by his talents - and he's a good guy, too. Alan Stockwell engineered and was kindly patient with my endless bickering over the vocals.

I hope you like this CD. I get happy every time I listen to it.

Robert Hazard

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